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Finally got our brass wine glass rack hung!

We had to enlist some help from a friend to build the custom frame. Then we attached it to the studs and did the same with the chains.

Finally! I bought the brass wine glass rack about a year ago from a thrift store for $50. It sat on the porch of our old house forever. Then we moved it around all over the new place trying to figure out how to hang it. (Couldn’t hang it from the ceiling bc it’s plaster and easy to crack) So enter this idea.

I love it! I’m tryin to figure out if it needs anything else or if I’m going to hang any art around it.

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Prepping for an epic baby shower. Some of our friends just adopted a baby, and myself and another friend are throwing her a ‘meet the baby’ shower! It’s loosely themed off of ‘Where the wild things are.’ It’ll be a nice mix of gold, vintage and rustic.

I did the painting, and Patrick did the chalkboard!

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Since we moved, our front porch had been neglected.
We just put our old furniture on there and didn’t really plan it out, so it looked cluttered and smaller than it really was.

I’m planning a baby shower (at my house next month) for a friend, so that kicked me into gear on sprucing up the porch. Haha

Here’s the rundown on what we did:
Curtains- used a drop cloth cut in half lengthwise and a tension rod and ring clips
Chairs and pillows- already had. Just rearranged them
Mini chandelier- $5 thrift store find
Rug- $27 on clearance
Bench- my grandfather made it, and my mom is letting me use it bc she doesn’t have a spot for it.
Wooden hanging pieces- thrift store $30 
Stump- Patrick found on the side of the road and then chiseled off all the bark

I didn’t take a before pic- arg! But maybe I’ll run across on at some point to compare.

*We still want to put up string lights, and a piece of stained glass, and find some folk art, perhaps.

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So how stinkin cute is this!?!   I’m linking to the airbnb here.

Owned by a couple named Jim and Rosie who are former artists, the retreat has an awesomely eclectic vibe, and I loved the mix of materials and decor.  Rose is a British artist who used to create video installations. She meets you when you arrive, and provides a cooler of goats milk, home baked bread, butter, and eggs from their chickens.

The water for the sink in the outhouse, and the water for the shower, both are from giant rain barrels as you can see in the very last photo.  It makes for a decent shower temp in the summer. I bet it would be nice and cold in the fall. haha.

I loved everything about this except that it was summer. haha. I am not a good summertime camper: Poison oak, mosquitoes, ticks, and humidity from hell. (We slept in our undies. Not Hannah, she’s used to the heat.)  But other than that it was awesome.

I would definitely go back in the fall and build a fire, drink wine, and roast marshmallows!

Love love loved this.

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This weekend, I got to spend time with my two best friends from college.  In case you are new to the blog, my friend Hannah, does mission work and has been living in Haiti for about 2 years. Needless to say, we rarely get to see her.  My dear friend, Jen, lives just outside of Nashville, so I don’t see her as often as I’d like either.  About 1-2 times a year, we make it a point to get together for a weekend.

We had adventures galore!

Saturday- we rode horses and visited an exotic petting zoo. We were in baby goat heaven!

Saturday night and Sunday, we got to stay in a teepee. Yup. That will be on my next blog post :)

Hannah’s brother is in the process of building a tiny house. You can see it there bottom right. We got to go and check it out, and y’all know my obsession with tiny houses, so I was in heaven!